Event: Amel Yacht Owners Rally - Martinique April 7 - April 13 - Sunday, 7 April 2019 #cal-invite

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Amel Yacht Owners Rally - Martinique April 7 - April 13

Sunday, 7 April 2019 through
Saturday, 13 April 2019

Martinique du Marin

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Re: Martinique - Amel Eastern Caribbean Rally Rendezvous Potential Dates...we are still planning
     (other locations will be informal meet/greet, but nothing will be planned). 
Dates: Apr 7-13 du Marin marina or at anchor, with a group anchorage at St Anne on Apr 13 (the last day)
          - Tuesday April 9 - Possible date for a dinner at Mango Bay
          - Wednesday April 10 Possible bus tour of Martinique
          - Saturday April 13 - St. Anne anchorage pot luck dinner
Attendance: I have received Confirmed Amels and 7 Possible.
Cost: Nothing for the Rally
What I need: I need more confirmed attendance in Martinique. I think the minimum we should have is 20 Confirmed Amels.
What you get by attending: I have discussed this Rally with Martinique-based Sponsors asking for some help with the following:
  • A free haulout (splash, launch + 3 days) will be given to one Amel owner attending, sponsored by Carenantilles. .
  • A dinner at Mango Bay during the above dates for all owners attending the Rally, sponsored by Caraibe Marine and Caribbean Yacht Sales 
  • A bus tour of Rhum Clément and possibly some other stop, possible, but no sponsor confirmed. 
  • Berth Discounts at the Marina du Marin, possible, but not confirmed. I need help with contact at the marina. 
  • Prizes and/or gift certificates from different Sponsors to be given by them during the dinner at Mango Bay, 2 are confirmed. 
The early indications is that we will get most of the above and possibly more. I am still waiting on Amel to confirm that they will offer something. I will keep you posted and will add to the website when I have confirmation.