Amel 54 Manual - Owner and User



I just uploaded, in the files section, an “Amel 54 Manual” set (Owner, User and Options) in Italian. I also have the versions in German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

I uploaded just this one to test. Each language set is around 80 MB. So I ask the moderators: is it ok to upload the other languages, considering the size? 

Also important, is anyone interested in any of these sets?


Attika   A54 #117

Paraty- Rio de Janeiro

Mark McGovern

I think it should be fine to upload those files.  We are currently utilizing 361MB of our allotted 10GB of File Storage space.  That 361MB is the sum total of all the files that every member has ever uploaded since 2001!  So it has taken 18 years to consume 3.6% of our allocated storage space.  Given that, I think it will be OK to upload them despite their large size.  If in the future file storage space becomes an issue, we can re-evaluate.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

Dean Gillies

Whilst on this topic ... what I would really like to get is a soft copy of the A54 Manual Appendices in English.

My original hard copy of the manuals is in German for the original owner. I don’t read German very well.

I have soft copies of the English Manuals, but not the Appendices.

If anyone has a soft copy of the appendices I’d love to receive a copy.

In the meantime, I notice there are no English manuals in the folder that Roque has provided, so I’ll try to fix that 😎

SY Stella

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