Improvements on Servicing the Amel Drive

Joerg Esdorn

I just completed servicing the Amel drive on my A55 for the first time.  It was a difficult experience.  Trying to get the bushing out was very hard and the official Amel instructions didn't provide much help.  A chisel or screwdriver to get the bushing out wasn't all that helpful!  I now found out that I had tools on board that would have made the job much easier.  Look at the picture below.  The bushing has three threaded holes which fit three long bolts that came with the boat and that attach to the Autoprop extractor.  So after taking off the prop with the extractor you screw the three bolts into the bushing and thread them through the extractor.  Then, you keep turning the big bolt on the extractor and the bushing should come out.  The blue plastic part in the picture is designed to fit over the shaft and protect the shaft from being damaged in the process.  The three long bolts came with my boat, so did the blue plastic part.  I wish they had come with instructions on what they were for ....  But hopefully, this post will help other Amelians to deal with their drive!   

Joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem
Currently in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily

Alan Leslie

I've not seen that before.
Seems you have a stainless bushing (bague d'usure) with threaded holes in the face...ours have always been bronze with no threaded holes, but always easy to remove. The bronze ones do wear hence the name bague d'usure (wearing ring).
Was there any noticeable wear on the stainless bushing you took out?
I wonder if stainless is standard for A55s and bronze is still standard for our older Amels?
I need to order a kit, it will be interesting to see what turns up.
Elyse SM437

Joerg Esdorn

It’s bronze - but it has a silver shine to it.  There was heavy wear on the bushing when I took it out after 750 hours.  Both the old bushing from 2016 and the new spare i just received have the threaded holes.  


Arno Luijten

Thas seem to be a very clever tool to have. I’m guessing it’s something Amel added to the standard delivery when the A55 was introduced. Can anyone discover a part number for this tool? I’d like to oder this for our A54 as well if possible.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

Joerg Esdorn

Hi Arno, I was discussing this issue in person with two A54 owners this morning.  It seems that their spare bushings don't have the holes for the long bolts.  Maybe there's a design difference.  If I were you I'd send my picture to Thierry or Maude and ask them to send you the stuff if it applies to your boat.   You may already have the round plate with the thick bolt - that's the Autoprop removal tool, maybe modified by Amel by adding three additional holes that are somewhat smaller than the holes for the 3 bolts that screw into the Autoprop.  Hope that helps.  Cheers Joerg