Troubleshooting SSB

Duane Siegfri

My SSB (installed by Amel) is no longer transmitting.  It was working up until a few months ago.  I'm looking for troubleshooting ideas???  It still receives just fine.

I checked the ground connection at the rudder and it appears to be in good condition, no corrosion. I also checked all connections at the controller and main unit, they were all tight and appeared normal.   

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Wanderer, SM#477

Steve Morrison <steve_morrison@...>


We found that replacing the wire between the tuner in the lazarette and the base of the antenna took care of our transmission issues last year. It was corroded and fell apart as I removed the hardware. May be a simple fix for you as well.

All the best to you and Peg.

Steve Morrison
SM 380 TouRai
Ft. Lauderdale

Ian Park

I also replaced the tuner to aerial wire, and I dropped the antenna to the deck to clean the screw joint in the middle.
Made a difference.


Ocean Hobo SN96