our super Maramu bowsprit.

Eric Freedman

I had our bowsprit fabricated in St Marten years ago.  The pole is removable from the attachment fixture with one allen bolt. It was not expensive.

It takes up no room on deck and works well with out 1400 sq foot gennaker. Our gennaker is made out of heavier material. 1,5 oz and can be flown in 25+ knots true down wind.

The block is a spring loaded harken. Very simple and easy to install and manage.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Thank you Gerard
I think by substituting the Selden aluminium tube with a SS one, strength in all direction will be improved.
How long does it protrude from the bow fittings? I discussed this with Selden and they recommend a water stay.
It involve  lot of money the whole thing, Furler, halyards, down haul, sheets, sail and bowsprit, I guess close to 10 000 Euoro, was it worth it? would you do it again?