Rigid Propeller Santorin

Bernd Spanner

Hi! Please let me know if you stop your prop in reverse gear if shaft generator is not on use.
By stopping you would get rid of the noise and also reduce wear of the gearbox and shaft seals...
The extra drag is imho not an issue since I am not sailing races....

Gerhard Mueller

I have a sticker at the helmstand saying not to shift into forward gear while sailing with stopped engine.
The reverse gear is not mentioned.
To be sure you should tell us the engine type and gearbox type you have.
Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

Ian Park

Do you still have your shaft alternator. I always switch mine on when sailing. It keeps the batteries fully charged. When you turn the key on the 12v panel there is a very significant drop in the propellor speed.
I have not noticed any problem with wear on the shaft wearing out bearing either.
Before putting the engine back on I always put the gear lever into reverse to stop the prop shaft alternator charging. I don’t think this is a big problem, but it was what Amel recommended.


Ocean Hobo SN96

Herbert Lackner

Hi bernd,

Yes, if the shaft alternator is not in use (it is used most of the time) the gear is in reverse. When the batteries are full during sailing or when the speed is too high we turn the alternator off.

SN120 KALI MERA, Mazatlan, Mexico

Bernd Spanner

Hi Gerhard! I have the same sticker. Engine is a VP MD22L.