Organized Photo Section of the Amel Yacht Owners Group #IMPORTANT


I just spent several hours browsing through the newly organized Photos. Wow, it was a pleasure. I am really impressed, and while browsing the albums, I learned a few new "Amel things." A huge amount of work went into reorganizing Photos! All of the work was performed by SM owners Gary Silver and Andrew Lamb. And, as a huge benefit, these photos are now searchable. Thank you both very much! ,

I think each Amel Yacht Owner Group member should browse the albums in Photos. 

Since any member is allowed to add albums and photos, let's all try to be as organized as Gary and Andrew made our Photos. We do have an ongoing photo issue. Any photo we embed or attach to an email automatically gets dumped into a single album named "Emailed Photos." I am not sure we will be able to clean this up because we can only download or delete photos in this album.

Gary and Andrew, please let us all know any suggestions you have for any/all of us.

Bill Rouse