The Bow thruster seals are in

Jose Venegas

Below is the list of Amel owners that asked me to order the special seals, please let me know if I missed anyone.  Although some of you have already sent me the info via different means, I need to make sure I got the data for each one in the same format.  Thus, I will appreciate if you can e-mail me from your personal e-mail directly to my personal e-mail  (josegvenegas@...)  with the topic "Seals" including the following information in the same order:  
Name to be shipped to 
phone number

Sorry about the redundant work but I did not realize I would have so many requests and the shipment/payment is becoming more than I bargained for.  I will be exploring different ways to delegate the shipment.  Once I have your data I will proceed to inform you about the payment method

Ipanema SM2K 278

Bob Ross (1 set) 

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, (2 sets)

Chuck_Kim_Joy (1 sets)

Steve Davis Aloha (2 sets)

Mark, Cream Puff (3 sets)

Dan Taylor (2 sets)

Gerald Bassin Jetlag, SM113 (2 sets)

Kent Robertson S/V Kristy (2 sets)

Pat McAneny  (1 set)

Ian Jenkins,  (2 sets) 

Pat McAneny  14109 3rd. Ave.  Kennedyville, Md.21645  (1 set)

Eric Kimberlite (2 sets)

Andre Kaplan (1 set)