Climma AC fan speed will not change

Mohammad Shirloo

Hi All;

The aft cabin AC fan speed selection had been working intermittently for a while. Speeds 1,2 and 4 would work fine but sometimes when the selection was changed from 2 to 4 it would not speed up and sometimes when it was turned off and on, the speed would go up to 4. The blower fan stopped working completely a few days ago and we had zero air flow. I changed the blower fan capacitor (the small one 2 microfarad) and the fan started right up, much quicker than before and with a lot more air volume being pumped into the cabin. However, now we have zero fan speed control. It stays at what appears to be maximum fan speed at all settings of 1-4 and automatic.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I do have a spare transformer, controller and wall display unit plus the other 2 capacitors.

Thanks in advance

Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo 
Amel 54 # 099