Amel Euros 41 1976 - Fridge Door Missing!

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>

Hello again Gerhard!

That does look factory and compliments the design. 

I have no doubt I won't be able to restore the original, however it is a wide low design which will mean some modifications. Something that at some point I'll give thought to. Unfortunately my layout looks somewhat more cramped than yours.


Gerhard Mueller

You will not find a door for a fridge more than 40 years old.
Better buy a new fridge which fits into the place of the old one.
I have found a new fridge which fits exactly into the place of my Sharki.

Gerhard Mueller
Amel Sharki #60
Currently Kalamata, Greece

Andrew Eaves <andyeaves@...>


At some point in its life, the fridge door was removed and the space used as storage. Sacrilege!

I know this is a long shot but does anyone know of a spare fridge door or have a suggestion of how to reinstate this?