Main furling "clutch"

Paul Osterberg

I have problem getting the Outer shaft out of the main furler gearbox, the inner is rock solid as well, in worst case I have to have a new shaft made, but at least I need to get the aluminium "clutch" nob off se picture. The gear wheel is locked with a spring washer that is not accessible, so I cant get the gear off. The clutch nob is not passing the hole in the lid, Any idea?
Paul on SY Kerpa AM#259

Elja Röllinghoff Balu SM 222

He Paul

This is the new one , you needn a little modifikation .

The old one

And both you can estimate see the work you have to do

Feel free to come bac any tome
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Paul Osterberg

Elja thank you is this Lery Somer or bogi something’s? But still I need to dismantle the “clutch nob” was it difficult to modify the gear box?

Elja Röllinghoff Balu SM 222

He Paul ,
It is not realy dificult , but you need good tools and 4-5 hours and a little know how ,
For me this do a frind of mine incloudit the black rings .
If you like i will ask him to do it again for you , and what is the price for the compleatly gaerbox .

Feel free to replay
Elja Röllinghoff
SM Balu

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