Screw at filter. ZF25. Gearbox

Arthur Sundqvist

I just can not move the filterscrew on filtertop at my ZF25 gearbox. The top plate will crack if I put möte power. I want to change the filter.....
Has Anyone has this issue????
fair winds
arthyr sundqvist

Scott SV Tengah

I had a similar issue when changing my ZF25 fluid for the first time. Frankly I had no idea how it fit together so I just kept turning the Allen bolt. Eventually the whole assembly comes up if you apply a bit of diagonal lateral force.

Then, I put the whole thing in a bench vise and turned the Allen bolt - came right out.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

Duane Siegfri

I you haven't yet, start applying a penetrating product like PB Blaster to it every day and crank the screw in both directions to help the product penetrate.  Heating the screw with a torch, letting it cool and repeating will help break the rusted parts apart too.

Wanderer, SM#477