Washing Machine Replacement for SM #160

Karen Smith

After 25 years of loyal service it is time to retire our clothes washer. Parts are very hard to get, and it’s positively geriatric...
Our SM has an older (1996, Hull 160) clothes washer install, with a front loading Kenwood EU-340 (also branded as an Eudora Goldkind EU 340) that is significantly smaller (shorter!) than the units used in later model SMs.  
The space available is about 500 mm wide, 400 mm deep, and 800 mm high.  There are a few mm’s of squeeze there, but not many!
That height dimension is what’s driving us nuts… the Euro standard seems to be 856 mm in height, and that just won’t fit under our counter.
Anybody have a brand/model number for a suitable compact machine?  Front load/top load either works—if it fits!

Thank you in advance!
Karen Smith s/v Harmonie SM #160
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

James Sterling

We replaced ours with a Whirlpool TDLR 70210 we imported from Denmark.  Fit perfectly in our SM 418.

Karen Smith

On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 11:08 AM, James Sterling wrote:
Whirlpool TDLR 70210
A nice machine, but at 900mm in height, it won't fit on our older boat....

Stephen Davis

Hi Karen,

See the attached photo. We purchased it from Le Ship in Martinique in 2016. It cost way too much, but seems well built, and has a metal bar I can install for passages to lock the drum in place. We also installed a 1600w sine wave inverter under the Nav station to run the machine without running the generator when on the hook. It is not wired into the boat system, and we physically plug the washing machine into it when we want to use it. The inverter does not have enough watts to heat water, but works great on a cold cycle with very little drain from the batteries. 


Steve Davis
Aloha SM72
On the hard in Hawaii

Karen Smith


That gives us a trail to follow...  The Eudora/Sora Babynova and Euronova lines of machines do fit the space available.  Now we just have to see if there is any way to get one in the USA at a reasonable cost.  Either that, or do laundry in a bucket until we get to the eastern Caribbean!

Apparently, they were installed on some Lagoon models, and we are docked across from one of the largest Lagoon dealers in the world, so maybe we can try there!

Davi Rozgonyi

Yes, that's our machine too, except it's called Kenwood Mini 1150 Rapid around these parts. Fits perfectly, works great, gonna cry when she breaks....