HP Sensor for Dessalator DUO 60

David Vogel


Does anyone know of an off-brand but compatible replacement for the Dessalator OEM High-Pressure Sensor (OEM p/n either 102087 or 100027 – I am still ascertaining which is the one applicable to the 24/220 volt DUO 60 unit). This is a “Normally OPEN (“NO”) switch that in my case unexpectedly failed CLOSED; the problem has in the interim been resolved by simply removing the wires, but which then requires careful monitoring to ensure not over-pressuring the membranes.

Thanks in advance,

Perigee, SM#396
Tahuata, French Polynesia

william reynolds

I called Dessalator and had a new OEM pressure switch delivered to Martinique in 4 days. Cost was 238 Euros, 80 of which was shipping. Great folks to work with.