Antenna for dsc reception on an Icom 802

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What antenna have people used for the DSC? If it was not mounted on the triatic or the backstay where was it mounted,?

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This is from technical support at ICOM in the USA :

In order for DSC to work with the M-802, you must have the DSC-receive antenna connected. This is the only way that the radio will be able to receive DSC signals since it is a class D DSC radio. You can use a Metz weatherfax antenna or any SSB whip antenna to connect to the receive port. Without the antenna, you will still be able to transmit a distress call, however, the radio will never hear an acknowledgement nor would you be able to hear someone else in distress and come to their aid. Hope this will help.

Elyse had an insulated triatic stay and a Furuno weatherfax when we bought her. The Furuno weatherfax was marginally better than useless, so we took it out.We installed an ICOM 710 SSB radio and had the main back stay insulated to use as an antenna. When Elyse was re-rigged in 2016 we had a plain triatic stay installed.The insulated triatic stay is only any good for receiving and it was initially installed purely for a dedicated weatherfax. 
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