Getting to St Maarten- New York

eric freedman

They might open the airport for commercial traffic early June—let’s see what happens . I should have the new policy for the boats stranded

In St Maarten Monday or Tuesday..

Fair Winds




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Hi Porter,

Thanks for the offer.

I plan on flying to St Thomas June 1st.

I will either charter a small plane, if I can get into the airport, or a powerboat to take me to St Maarten June 2.

If they will allow me I will haul the boat June 3 and have it surveyed. I will then have insurance. I will have a friend do my food shopping.

We will fuel up and head directly for NY asap.

If you can get to St Thomas, please join us.

Fair Winds


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Eric. Can you let me know when you are thinking. I’d love to help you if it works out and you need a hand. 


Porter McRoberts 

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But we’re in Fort Lauderdale 

Excuse the errors.  

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Hi Eric,

This is Tom, not sure if the right Tom. 

We have just entered the Chesapeake, having spent 8 days coming up from Puerto Rico. Glad to be back in the US. 

Sorry that Kimberlite remains in limbo. I am not able to help out bringing her up. But let me know about anything else. 

Tom Peacock

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On May 22, 2020, at 7:36 PM, eric freedman <kimberlite@...> wrote:

I have made a reservation to get to St Thomas June 1st.  I will then be chartering a powerboat to St Maarten.

Once I arrive, I will check all systems and leave the following day.

Is there anyone who would also like to get to St Maarten to rescue their boat? We could share the cost of the trip from St Thomas to St Maarten?


Is there anyone trapped in St Maarten who would like to sail back to New York?

Fair Winds


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