alternator wiring question

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Hello fello Amelians

I've been replacing the bilge bonding strap on our Maramu #162 
The job has offered a jolly time well spent sprawled across my engine. 
Whilst relaxing in this position i _think_ i have managed to knock a wire from the service bats alternator 

I'm not that familiar with alternator wiring and wondered if anyone might be able to guide me on where the now loose wire might go?

I attach a picture. The wire in question is the small central white wire with red crimp terminal 

I think it attaches back as per the picture but I dont know what the 3 terminals in the top of the alternator are for 

There is a chance that i did not knock the wire off and it was never attached - ie its some artefact of a previously replaced alternator 

Any advise would be very much appreciated 

Its a 8LHA2023VA motorola btw

All the best


Maramu #162

Gerhard Mueller

To get informations about a device use Google.

I see this when asking Google for your alternator connections.

Gerhard Mueller
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smiles bernard

Thanks Gerhard
Yes i had found that same image but i'm still not too sure about the meaning 
stator taps?
I _think_ this is a point to which you can attach a tachometer and it gets an output current that is proportional to the induced current in the stator windings?
but my rev counter runs off the main engine alternator 
so i'm left wondering what else the white wire could be 

I guess my main concern is will i damage anything without it connected

My guess is no - i might just notice a light off somewhere??

perhaps i'll just need to try and see

thanks for your advice

All the best