Wet exhaust hose connection to hull

Duane Siegfri

I'm getting ready to remove the old exhaust hose from the hull connection.  It seems pretty firmly fixed after removing the hose clamps.  I've read another thread where it was noted that Amel used silicone to provide further sealing to this connection.

If anybody has removed this hose I'm open to suggestions.

At present I'm headed into town to get a pair of snips that will cut the wire reinforcing.  I plan to cut it short of the through hull and then start cutting the hose toward the hull, snipping the wires as I go and peeling the hose off the through hull fitting.

By the way, at the suggestion of Joel Potter I healed the boat over with a halyard to keep the through hull fitting well above the waterline which worked very nicely.

Attached is a photo of the through hull.