Chest freezer on keel cooling not keeping up so much

Billy Newport

My 55#56 has a chest freezer which has both keel and air cooling systems. I was on the keel cooled and with the water temp now 27C, it is unable to get the freezer temp under about 25F. The air freezer gets the temps down to 0F comfortably and I'm now using the air freezer.

Is the keel cooler expected to perform in warmer water (I'm thinking in the med and caribbean) and I can't help but think of course has to be the answer otherwise, whats the point so I must be missing a trick here.

Amel 55#56, Coder in Jersey City, NJ

Craig Briggs

Your keel cooler is definitely going to perform in warmer water - actually it will be more efficient than in cold water (see my recent post on that subject).  So 27º C is fine for cooling water and probably is not much different than your cabin air temp. Per that recent post of mine, refrigerant coming out of your compressor as a high pressure gas condenses at ~ 50ºC. A much lower cooling water temp (say < 20º C ) is actually inefficient.
Have you checked the refrigerant temps on the high and low sides of both systems for comparison and your keel cooler in and out temps? That might give you a clue, but the ambient water temperature is definitely not the problem.
Good luck with it.