Power usage data for Washer dryer on Amel 55

Billy Newport

I added a Shelly EM AC monitor to my MV 2500 inverter today so I did a wash/dry cycle on my LG Direct 7 machine and here is the data. So, max draw of around 1.8kw, the motor itself uses < 300W, the heater is the bulk of the power draw. Notice that the inverter voltage drops from 234V to 225V at 1.7kw draw, makes you wonder what the voltage would be at the rated 2.5kw draw. I added the screen shot at my Album here also as the quality of the attached photo seems pretty bad. https://amelyachtowners.groups.io/g/main/album?id=252162

Arno Luijten

Well, as I stated earlier, your Mastervolt is actually only 2kW. The 2.5 kW is peak load...


Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

Billy Newport

Peak is actually 5kw. See here: https://www.mastervolt.com/products/mass-sine-24v/mass-sine-24-2500-230v-50hz/

2.5kw is their P30 number, I don't know what P30 means, 30 second pulse? 5kw might be momentary peak for motors and so on.

SV Coder

Arno Luijten

Whatever. It may be a 30 sec. capacity. It’s like audio amplifiers with their heavily inflated power rating. The thing is 2kW continuously, the only number you can count on.
Bad Mastervolt...