Amel 54. Has anyone ever taken the electric diesel tank level meter/sensor out of the tank?

Arno Luijten

Dear Forum,

I'm wondering which model level meter/sensor Amel used inside the diesel tank. I know it is far from accurate looking at gauge at several points of filling. I was wondering if the thing actually goes to the bottom of the tank.
Any information is appreciated.

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Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

Scott SV Tengah

I've taken it out to check how dirty my tank was. Very easy to do but I have no idea what the model number is. 

There are two inspection hatches on the top of the tank. It's the forward hatch with the wires going to it.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Arno,

I can only tell for my SM2000 #348, hoping that a 54  has a similar solution.
WEMA S2-1170F
It is basically  a resistor divider with reed relays. The float contains a magnet closing one of the reed relays.

I found that the inaccuracy was due to the natural 24V battery voltage changes and the bleeder resistor.
So I put a 12V voltage regulator in series and changed the bleeder resistor value so that there is always a constant 12V on top of the resistor divider.
Then  checked its calibration ( by tank volume/ float position comparison)
It is better now.

Hope this helps you,

Stefan Jeukendrup
sv Malaka Queen
SM2k #348  @ Montenegro

Gary Wells

I replaced the sensor on Adagio and could not find an exact match (I forget the model number, but it was indeed on a label on the sensor).

I wrote to Wema, they offered a couple of options and  finally they custom built a 20 sensor unit that was reasonably priced and shipped quicky.

I was extremely pleased with how they worked with me and how the replacement part for and works. 

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio
Maryland, USA

Arno Luijten

Thanks all for the replies. The code WEMA S2-1170F makes me think the sensor has a length of 1170mm which sounds about right for the given tank. A good tip about the poor power-supply to the sensor. I'm planning to hook it up to the EVC-C system to get some more use out of these Volvo electronics.
That should be fairly straightforward once I have the cable-harnass for this thing from VP. I'm curios to see if it will send the data across a NMEA2000 bridge. It also means I can remove this silly box in the locker where the diesel filler resides.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,