Volvo D3 intercooler

Nick Newington

Yesterday I discovered a pin hole in the intercooler.
That is it was blowing out air from this tiny hole, to be clear the turbo blows hot compressed air through the intercooler to cool it on its way to combustion. The intercooler is located just below the secondary fuel filter on the starboard side of the engine as mounted in the Amel 54.
I increased rpm to get boost pressure and then it really hissed out.
The intercooler is cast aluminium, so I have temporarily fixed it with some epoxy weld.
I tested it this morning but to only 0.2 bar on the boost pressure so about 1600 rpm and it held.

The engine is Volvo D3 110i-A
I am after the replacement part number 888513.
Does anyone have one to sell?

Has anyone experienced this before?
Is this a common problem?

Does anyone know how potentially serious this problem could be?

The turbo is very much a double edged sword, a naturally aspirated engine is just so less complex and costly...if I ever repower

About to haul out Leros
AML 54-019