Help needed for installation of a self tailing anchor windlass on Amel Euros

Aquarius 136 <v@...>

Hi everyone,

It's time to replace the good old anchor winch on our Euros 41. The thing is, per the original Amel design, the chain is not self-tailing as it is I believe on most Amels.

We would like to change that by making some modifications, namely installing a guiding tube for the chain. See photos attached.

Notably, it looks like we have to cut a hole below where the chain currently sits, to store the chain deeper, as it probably needs more fall with the self tailoring, rather than being hand laid.
This hole would basically be where the storage compartment in the bow now is (below the anchor chain box). Not sure it is a good thing to make such modification.

If anyone has any experience in doing this modification or similar, your insights would be much appreciated.