SM - How to remove the bumper

Philippe Chatton

Dear all,
I came across interesting messages on how to treat and repaint the bumper.     
I plan to do this in the near future but would like first to take it off.
Could one of you advise on the steps to remove the bumper - have no clue on how the bumper is attached to the hull.       
SM 445 Antibes FR  

Mark McGovern


The bumper is held in place by four (4) M8 bolts that are molded into the bumper.  You can see the four mounting holes for the bumper bolts in the picture below:  

You access the nuts from the aft lazarette. 

Unfortunately, you do not have access to the heads of the bolts since they are molded into the bumper.  So if there is any corrosion on the nuts and bolt, the bolts will just end up spinning inside the bumper.  At that point you will just have to pull the bumper off the bolt(s) and then re-seat them.  

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA