Mastervolt installation help

Billy Newport

I have ordered a Mastervolt DC500/Mastershunt/EasyView 5 and a SCM60. I am planning on replacing my Victron MPPT with the SCM60. My boat has an alphapro ii alternator regulator and the usual 100 and 60A chargers. I also have an EasyView 5. All of these have masterbus connections.
Is it an simple as just replacing the DC bus bars in the battery compartment with the DC500/Shunt, replace the victron with the SCM60, install the EasyView 5 in the cockpit dash, wire it all together with masterbus and voila?
I am hoping to tell all chargers to use the shunt for voltage/temperature. Can this be done without a mastervolt tech with a password for masteradjust? Is EasyView 5 sufficient to adjust all these settings?

Billy (Amel 55#56).

Arno Luijten

I more or less went the same route. I also added an electronic insulation transformer, a new Alpha Pro II alternator controller and an AC monitor. You do not need the service tech password for adjusting any of the charging/voltage parameters. The service tech password is mainly used to adjust the calibration of the various devices. But you can really mess up the system as well with it. If you really need it I can provide it to you .

You typically do not replace the actual busbars, but you put the Mastershunt as the very first device between the batteries and all the rest.
Please do remember that what you wrote down in three or four sentences is in reality a week of work. Ask me how I know.

ARno Luijten
SV Luna,

Billy Newport

Hi Arno,
I have everything hooked up now and want to upgrade everythings firmware which appears to need the installer password. If you can email it to me at billy at billynewport dot com I'd be grateful.

Billy (55#56)