Amel 55 Webasto install

Billy Newport

My Webasto is acting up and stopping during operation. Normally, there would be a switch with on/off and a LED to indicate fault codes. There is also a fuse block with a F1 (20A), F2 (5A) and a F3 (20A).

Amel custom installs this heater so there is no "normal" switch and no normal fuse block. There is a heater start/stop on the DC breaker panel by the nav table. This normally starts/stops it. There is on a box on the fwd bulk head in the engine room a white box with bilge/inverter/heater breakers. If the panel is removed then there is also 2 x 2A fuses seemingly attached to the harness from the webasto.

My question is how is this all wired up? Is the breaker in the engine room the normal switch? Are the 2 2A fuses F1/F2/F3 or something else? The amel manual doesn't really cover this much.

The LED in the engine room does not flash in my case to indicate the fault code. The heater was running 24/7 for about 2.5 months before it stopped while I was away and I have managed to get it to run twice since returning but it shuts down again with no code after 10-18 hours of normal operation.

When I got the boat, the pressure guage for the heater was 0 bar. I added water to the circuit, bringing it up to 1 bar and when it ran, the pressure rose to just under 1.5 bar.

When I returned this weekend after it stopped, I noticed the cold pressure was back to 0 again. I recharged it to 1 bar and the heater worked later that night but not when I recharged it.

When it stopped today, the pressure was still normal (1.4 bar hot).

Without the code, it's hard to get any remote help. I cannot get out of lock mode (when it stopped with a fault) without knowing where F1/F2/F3 are.

Any help appreciated.

Billy Newport

Found 2 things this morning. The light for the heater indicator in the engine room is an normal bulb and was blown hence no flashing.

The burner on the webasto was seriously burned up and coked. The unit doesn't look like it's been serviced since factory and I put 3 months on it up to this week or 2k hours. You are supposed to clean the burner every 1000-1500 hours so this isn't unexpected at this point. New burner is 500 USD more or less.