Mango VDO Fuel sensor replacement


Hello fellow Mango owners. My port side fuel sensor has finally given up the ghost and died. I did all the troubleshooting and narrowed it down to the sensor. Has any of the Mango owners on here replaced their sensors yet? If so what make/model did you go back in with?

Gary Wells

Hi Arlo,


I had the fuel sensor on our Super Maramu replaced while I was in Greece.  Wema built a custom unit for us out of the UK and sent it to us.  The price was quite reasonable for a custom order ... however, yours ~may~ be available as an "in-stock" item so it would be less.

Check them at and once you get that senor out of the tank you can measure it (as well as the screw-in size) and give them an email for a quote.  They also will offer how many sensors you want for your assembly (we went with 12 ... I think).

At any rate, it was an easy replacement. I even wired in an on/off toggle so the sensor and gauge were not consuming power when not needed.


Good luck!

Gary W,
Former owner, SM 209, Adagio


Awesome, thanks Gary. I pulled the sensor out today and took a bunch of measurements and have a local shop sending a unit to me over night. If it fits, I will post what I used. If it does not, then  will give Wema a shout and see what they have. On the Mango, they came stock with a push button toggle much like your on/off toggle. Very clever design by Henry surprised they stopped that with the SM. (I will say it gives my crew and new passengers onboard a startle) to see the fuel gauges read Empty )......LOL

Will post pics, parts and dimensions once done with this project......


Ellen Cahill

Hi Arlo,

Did you manage to replace this successfully? I need to do this for our SB tank.

Saol Nua - Amel Mango #45