Hole through bulkhead aft of forward head

Eric Freedman

I recall a discussion about a hole in this bulkhead where wires and pipes pass through. It is supposed to be located low outboard of the bulkhead on the port side . It is supposed to be visible from the forward saloon seat.

With this discussion , it reminded me to check that.

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Assuming the forward compartment is flooded it follows that water pressure will aid in sealing the door such that the crossbar would be redundant (other than to seal its own bolt hole). Dogging it so tight as to deform the door and cause gaps at the top seems unnecessary - a gentle snug should do.  That being said, my door has a perpendicular stiffening piece of wood and the entire door engages the seal evenly when closed and dogged (haven't tried to dog it with great force).

My aft door only seals at the bottom and sides; the top is open and there is no crossbar. If the aft compartment is flooded water pressure would keep the door sealed.

if the main salon is flooded, you likely have problems of a "Titanic" nature. 

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