Engine blowers

william reynolds

My engine room fans have a snag
The engine room fans (exhaust and supply) are 24 vdc fans running on 12 vdc to extend their life but run a bit slower. These fans are actuated any time you have 12  vdc to the engine. When you shut down the engine and cut the 12 vdc the intake and exhaust fans will run until the engine room drops to a designated temperature. Does anyone know where this thermo device is located?  Mine occasionally fails ON and I have to pull the C/B to stop it. Nikimat in the past has posted the most extensive information and pictures available but this seems to be a new problem.
Bill Reynolds
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

Bill Kinney


Others more conversant with new model Super Maramus might know better, but I am going to guess that the thermostat was an addition by a previous owner.  Certainly older Super Maramus did not have this, the blowers were switched only by the ignition key.

If I was looking for such a thing, I’d start in the aft, port, outboard corner of the engine room, up high on a wood panel, where the relays are located.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Eleuthera, BS.