Isolation Transformer Sound Question

Bill Kinney


We have that model transformer, mounted in the engine room (next to our MultiPlus) so we don’t live with the noise.   

The transformer gives a steady 100/120 Hz hum that is louder than the MultiPlus, unless the MultiPlus fan is running, then that is louder.  We mounted it on isolation feet to avoid any vibration transfer to the hull.

Not sure how better to quantify it…

We have followed pretty scrupulously followed Amel’s rule that anything that made noise, generated heat, vibrated, smelled, or was otherwise unpleasant, lives in the engine room. In the case of the transformer, it made the wiring a lot simpler too.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Pittstown, Crooked Is, Bahamas

Chris Doucette

Hi Arno,

It is a SM  I think Im good with the mounting and airflow- Just the specific model and if anyone has one that can tell me their sound experience with this specific Victron.

S/V Amarok 385

Arno Luijten


You do not mention which model Amel you have.
I'm not sure how loud they are but being a classic transformer and a big one the 50/60 hum could be quite annoying. Putting them against a wooden wall could make it a giant loudspeaker so to say.
Apart from that you may want to consider the heat coming off the transformer. They need sufficient airflow. Also they are quite heavy so you need to mount them quite sturdy.
I once put a similar isolation transformer in a boat (in a locker) and the sound in the adjacent cabin was clearly audible. Luckily nobody had to sleep there.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

Chris Doucette


Installing a Victron 3600 Watt Auto 115/230 V  Isolation Transformer- Im selecting the spot- I beleive it might go right in the small area underneath and forward of the chart table.  
Question: any persons know how load these are?  More or less than a Muliplus?