rigging question

william reynolds

 In our travels in the eastern Caribbean we have noticed that the rigging on the main mast on the SM's we see varies.  On our SM2k the intermediate shroud is forward on the chain plate and the upper is aft. On other boats we see the shrouds are reversed, the upper is forward. Can anyone confirm the correct orientation designed by AMEL?
Bill Reynolds
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

Bill Kinney


There is no easy way to switch them.  The clevis pins are VERY different sizes, as are the holes in the chain plate.  If someone has enlarged the holes for the intermediate shrouds to the point where the upper’s pin would fit, and then put the smaller intermediate pin in the bigger hole that used to hold the upper, that’s a bad idea. I can think of no good reason for doing so.

Other than that, I can see no reason the position should matter one way or the other.  It is possible Amel wasn’t consistent, although this would be surprising.  It is more likely that Amel changed at some point, and you are seeing a model year difference.

For what it is worth, on #160 the intermediate is forward, and there would be no way to change that without modifying the chain plate.

Bill Kinney
SM#160, Harmonie
Attwood Harbor, Akins Is, Bahamas