Transom tie rod ends rusting on Amel 55

Ruslan Osmonov

Hi Billy. Aluminum does not rust, (you can google it). If you see rust stains on aluminum that means something else rusts and stains it. it seems like bolt was not 316 stainless and it was rusting away. 

Sand it and it is aluminum you will see a perfectly good piece. 

Billy Newport

Billy Newport

My tie rods attaching the ram to the transom are pretty corroded. You can see the old one (Durbal BEF 12-60-501 Aluminium) and the replacement I got from Amel (Fluro GIRSW 12 RR 316) which is stainless (as far as I can tell). I'm guessing the cotter pin on the transom is SS and the ram "bolt" is at least steel so is the fast corrosion (3 years) due to metal on metal issues? Interesting that the replacement part is SS. Did Amel fix this on later 55's or 50/60s?

Billy (Amel 55#56)