forestay chainplate potential leak

Patrick McAneny

I noticed a couple of years ago while I was in my forward port locker ,I could see daylight coming thru the chainplate, I had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago when I was in it again. Since I was on the hard I was able to get on a ladder and caulk the opening . In a heavy sea , or even rain water would easily find its way in. I just thought I would pass this on  to others ,you may want to stick your head in for a look to see if you too  can see daylight coming thru a hole where the forestay connects to the chainplate. This may be why my locker always seems a bit damp.
SM Shenanigans
Sassafras River ,Md.

Bryce Procter

I have the same problem. I also found the nut missing on the forward most bolt in the starboard locker so that is also worth checking. Its a good yoga workout trying to get a nut and washer back on unless you have have an orangutang as a friend, which made me wonder whether it had vibrated loose or left off by a lazy factory worker during manufacture.