A54 Fridge gas strut and other gas struts

David Crisp

In the spirit of sharing info' and sources.....

This summer I replaced the gas strut of our galley work top fridge/freezer as the original one had worn out and didn't support the lid.  I sourced a replacement from Metrol in Northampton, UK. Specifically this one: https://motioncontrol.metrol.com/variable-force-stainless-steel-gas-strut-ns-ss-v-8-150.html    I wanted to use the existing anchor points (rather than the ones supplied) so had to drill out the holes in the ends of the struts an extra millimetre, easy enough.  Excellent result. :-)
A copy of the invoice is attached so you can reference part numbers.

The nice thing about these guys is you can build up a custom design so for those folks I've seen asking about other struts such as for the engine compartment I think this could be a solution.

They ship globally.

Hope this is of help.

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58