Bow Thruster will not move to down position. SM #072 “Aloha”

Stephen Davis

We have just had a failure of our bow thruster to move to the down position. After opening up the control box on the linear actuator, it appears the top resistor of the 2 you see in the attached picture has failed. The resistor is burned where it attaches to the circuit board, and it has no continuity from one side to the other. The other resistor right below it has good continuity, and looks fine. Does anyone know if a circuit board like this is repairable, and if so, who would I find to do this work. Also, how would I determine what type of replacement resistor it needs? The only numbers I see on the resistor are T47-87.  I have the entire linear actuator removed from the boat now, but can seem to figure out how to remove the circuit board from inside the control box. Have any of you ever figured out how to do this?

We are preparing to leave the San Francisco Bay Area for San Diego and then Mexico, so the timing is terrible, and I hate to go without the bow thruster. Any advice any of you smart Amel owners have is greatly appreciated. I have fixed a lot of things on this boat, but repairing a printed circuit board is a bit out of my league. 

Steve Davis
Aloha SM072, Alameda, CA