Furler /Foil connection ,rivets or machine screw

Patrick McAneny

I was just about to order some S.S. rivets to replace my old ones in the furler ,when I remember a discussion a couple of years ago about using screws instead of rivets. Is that the way to go now? If so what size bolts are recommended ,if rivets what size ? I can't remember what size rivet I used last time,1/4" X 3/4" ,does that sound right? 
SM Shenanigans

Gary Wells

When I was in Martinique a while back Amel had the forestay down (for other damage) but they did replace the rivets with hex bolts that went into backing plates inside the foil.
They had the backing plates.ore-made and they fit inside the foil just right.
Much more robust than the rivets (better purchase) but..
It's bi-metal so steel against aluminum. So, the quandary was using tef-gel to prevent corrosion or using loc-tite to keep the bolts in place.

I opted on tef-gel and a re-tightening basically every month or after a spirited sail.