Mast rebuilds

Paul Harries

Saw the video below on a HS owner essentially rebuilding his mast! Is this kind of work ever required on an Amel? How many of you have had to unstep masts for work? I am aware of problem at base of 54s but otherwise do spreaders need re attached, mast head tackle replacement etc?
Paul Harries
Prospective Amel Buyer

Bill Kinney


We have a 1996 Super  Maramu that has completed two circumnavigations and has been actively sailed every year of its life.  The mast and all of its fittings are original. There have been repairs to various things, but nothing major. Masts do get unstepped for various reasons, not the least of which is a good detailed inspection--better than can be done by someone hanging in a bosuns chair. I have never seen a Super Maramu that had a serious mast issue, but... Metal parts on a boat in salt water live a tough life. Failures of maintenance are usually followed by failures in equipment.

At the simplest level, on any mast I would always make sure that all of the drain holes at the base are open and clear. In many places we have been birds drop seeds while they are perched on the mast.  In Florida, it is seeds of various types of palms. Further north we find pits from wild cherries.  Some of these are the PERFECT size to clog drainage holes, and sometimes I can not understand how they get to where we find them.  They need to be looked for, and removed.  Standing water that doesn't drain as it should can most certainly cause a serious problem.  Don't forget to look for these little buggers in the boxes located in the forward and aft heads that collect the drainage water coming down the wires. When drainage from these is impaired, the boxes overflow, and bulkheads are water damaged, and that is absolutely something you want to avoid!

On any boat I was considering purchasing I would have complete rigging inspection, which included a top to bottom examination of the mast and standing rigging. This is usually done by someone other than the evaluation surveyor.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA