Original Maramu Propeller replacement #replacement

Michael Konz

Hi !
I'm looking to replace the propeller on my Maramu #148 from 1984. I received the following dimensions from Amel:

20x16 C7 RH35 Droite

I had replaced the original Perkins engine in 2013 with a Yanmar 4JH5E and the appropriate gearbox. Propeller wasn't changed at that time.
I am not sure about the C7 part of the specifications. There is a C7 from Allpa, but it is specified for fast powerboats. On the other hand C7 is also a specification for the material.

I also found a prop from Vetus with the correct dimensions but of type PRB: P3B20X16R which looks very similar to my existing propeller.

So I am a bit confused. As the boat is in the water and doesn't come out before next March I can't check the old propeller at the moment.
Has anyone experience with replacing the propeller on the Maramu ?

Michael, SY Sioned