Rudder packig

william reynolds

I had a minor rudder shaft leak. I'm in the process of my annual haulout so I've addressed the rudder leak.
I have an extended rudder packing area installed by Amel in Martinique. I carefully pulled all the old packing out, cleaned the packing area
and installed 5 new layers of packing. 5 /16 packing fit perfectly and snuggly. I carefully tamped the packing down with a sch. 80, 2 inch PVC pipe.
I then thghened the gland nut down to what I considered properper compression. Having packed dozens of prop shafts and rudder shafts I have always 
found that when I  tightened dow the gland nut  enough to cause resistance to the shaft movement and then backed off a flat or two, I usually 
had a good seal. I could not tighten the gland nut on my shaft  enough to cause resistance in the rudder shaft. I have 3/8 in in adjustment left.
Any thoughts about this?

Bill  Cloudstreet SM2K 331