Jib Furler wiring on the SM2K

Rick Stanley

Question for everyone. Our jib furler was removed when we bought our boat, and we're curious if the original design had the furler wired to the helm  switch via the 24v breaker panel in the galley, was it wired directly from a breaker in the vberth to the helm bypassing the galley, or was it wired via both breakers (similar to the windlass setup). Any insight would be appreciated.


Rick Stanley, Captain
S/V Althea, SM2K HIN 317
Rock Hall, Maryland, USA

Bill Kinney


There were a couple different arrangements in the details of how Amel wired these, depending on when your boat was built.  You can find some of the details of the original wiring on our boat, and how we improved it here: https://fetchinketch.net/boat-projects/windlass-wiring/ 

In short... the power for the control circuit side comes from the breaker panel.  The actual power to the motor, does NOT go through the breaker panel. On our boat the genoa furler shared a 100A breaker in the forward cabin with the windlass.  Some of this was changed/improved/cleaned up with the SM2K. 

There are schematics for the wiring of the SM2K in the Files section of this board you might find helpful.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Palmas del Mer, Puerto Rico

Alan Leslie

For what it's worth....
Ours is the similar...
In the fwd cabin stbd fwd alcove, there are 3 cct breakers...Bom, Mat and Foc/Gunideau ...so the genoa and the windlass are on the same breaker.,....
We are SM437 from 2004, so clearly this concept wasn't changed..although the wiring and connections were certainly improved...
I wonder if an easy solution to isolating the windlass could be to have a switch in the windlass control cct to disable it.
I'll think about that.
Thanks Bill for pointing us in the right direction.

Nicolas Klene

Dear Bill
I followed your link in a search to constantly improve my understanding of the SM2K systems , and liked the safety feature of being able to isolate any system not in use during navigation. I must admit that I don’t know if it is doable on mine (2005) but I can see on your updated diagram after the addition of the 2 breakers that you now have 2 breakers in line . Was it necessary to leave the first one in place ? 
Thank you for your un valuable postings , I now know the difference between  SPST, SPDT ,DPST & DPDT 
As they say …a step at a time ! 🤓
Kind regards
Nicolas Klene
SM2K # 471
In Marseille

Bill Kinney


There was no need to leave the original breaker in line, but leaving it there made the wiring simpler and kept the install looking neat.  

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Port Louis, Grenada