All interested,

As you know over the years I have been a very strong supporter of ACMO, the standing rigging supplier to Amel. This support created a relationship where ACMO issued discounts of 5 - 10% to the Amel owners that I referred to ACMO. There was and is no payment to me for referrals.

I am saddened to write the following: There are some changes happening now. For some unknown reason, after many years Amel stopped doing business with ACMO. I was told by someone at ACMO that it was the price, but this is not verified. Many of us developed a good relationship with Laetitia Boudon, but she has left ACMO. I have attempted to communicate with the owner of ACMO, but have not been successful at this time. I placed the following notice on my website's page for ACMO and unless something is resolved, the notice will be in the next printing of my book.

Notice: ACMO is no longer the supplier to Amel and my contact at ACMO, Laetitia Boudon, has left ACMO. I am trying to contact the owner of ACMO, Philippe Guzelli, but he has not responded. I have contacted Duquesnoy Audrey <audrey@...> and I am waiting on a reply. Until I am able to speak to Mr. Guzelli I must temporarily withdraw my recommendation.

I truly want to write you later, telling you that this has been resolved. Hopefully very soon. I believe that as soon as I can communicate with Philippe Guzelli it will be resolved. I understand from people who know ACMO and its owner that they are wonderful and honorable people.


CW Bill Rouse Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie, Galveston Island, Texas 77550