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Jose Venegas <josegvenegas@...> updated the album Small AC unit in SM companionway: I originally bought a small window AC until in Panama to keep the boat dry while we were out for a month. It cost $80, uses only 500 watts, is cooled by air, and does not need to keep the water pump running, which is a real hazard when not aboard, and it works with the boat on the hard. After one month we went back to Colon and Ipanema was dry, cool, and smelled like a rose. The first night I fiddled around with the direction of a few fans and was able to move enough cool air to the aft cabin to make it very comfortable at night running for just one or two hours with the lithium batteries and inverter. We liked it so much that left the AC unit in place for the next six months in rainy Bocas del Toro, and while we sailed to San Andrés and then to Cartagena Colombia. Here, taking advantage of the inexpensive labor, we decided to make the AC unit a semi-permanent feature, protecting it with wood, while making a small table and adding a removable step to the staircase. The carpenter was so good and reasonably priced that I added 3 sliding drawers under the stair steps. AS it turned out, his quality was so good that I am contracting with him to fabricate doors to cover the “ex wet closet” in the next couple of weeks. Jose Gabriel Venegas Ipanema SM2k 278 Club de Pesca, Cartagena