Airmar 220WX weather station ?



I am wondering how many of you are using the Airmar 220WX weather station or perhaps another ultrasonic wind system on your mast ?

Are you happy with them ?

Do you have any advice or suggestions on mounting the Airmar 220WX weather station or other ultrasonic wind system ?

thank you 

ARAMIS sm 444
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Eloi Bamberg

I am using this one:
CV7-WINDYPLUG - NMEA2000 ultrasonic wind vane-anemometer (
Installed it early last year, easy installing, no problem since.

SM2K 426, RedLion

Billy Newport

I have one on top of my main mast. Lasted about 21k NM or 4 years before it failed. 1200 bucks for the replacement. It works and produces low frequency data. Never tried to use it with our 711c autopilot though.

Bill Kinney


I had one of these on my old boat, and it worked, although there were a few issues.  

Don't count on using the internal GPS for a boat speed signal for example. When the boat rolls, the waving back and forth of the mast counts as boat speed.

It is hard to mount them far enough away from the top of the sails to get away from the updraft.  As far as I know, nobody makes a bracket for moving them forward of the mast to solve this.  The alternative is to mount them quite high. These all mount on a 1" diameter pole, that can leave a significant blind spot when mounted close to a masthead navigation light.

Look carefully at the mounting guidelines in the manual.  The specifications say at least 1 meter away from a VHF antenna, for example. That might be tough. to achieve on top of the mast.

Back when I installed mine ~10 years ago, they listed one of their models specifically for use on sailboats.  They no longer do that in any of the literature I can find.  Before I used one again, I'd want to know why.

I keep looking for the LCJ version of these, but it is very hard to come by outside of Europe. I am hoping to have a chance to talk to Pochon about them here in Martinique.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Le Marin, Martinique.


Dear  Eloi, Billey and Bill,

Thank you for your replies.

We are installing a new B & G Zeus 3S MFD and would like to upgrade our current RayMarine wind sensor. We might purchase a B & G  wind sensor but I was wondering if there might be something better or possibly more practical than the B &G  WS 310 or WS 320 on the market today ? 

I was looking at the Airmar 220WX weather station thinking that it would be somewhat bird proof (?) and with no moving parts would last for a long time. It sounds like from Bill's experience a lot of the features of the Airmar 220WX would not be usable, (given the mounting location at the top of the mast). 

Eloi, what MDF and wind display instruments do you have your  LCJ Capteurs CV7-Windy Plug  NMEA 2000 connected to ?

I appreciate your time and information you sent regarding this query, thank you Eloi, Billey and Bill

Paul Guenette

SM-2k  444,  ARAMIS  
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Eloi Bamberg

I am using the B&G Zeus 3S 12" and 4 Triton2. I changed my entire system to NMEA2000. I start the NMEA2K backbone in the hanging locker opposite to the front head where I connect the LCJ and a new Airmar depth/speed/temperature sensor. It is easy to continue the backbone to the chart table and to the cockpit instruments. So much room in those cable channels if you get rit of all the old cables ;-)  This system is much easier than the old one, you can display any information on any screen and you have redundancy if one of the Tritons has a problem.

SM2K 426 RedLion