Workaround failing GPS

Nick Newington

Further to my question regarding setting up Navnet 2 with mushroom style GPS receiver.

I set up the inexpensive receiver just tie wrapped above the chart table along with an Actisense repeater to provide multiple devices with data. The mushroom GPS is connected to a power on/off toggle switch the same as the GP90.
I had problems with setting up the Navnet to accept the New GPS source. I had to run the set up wizard every time I powered up the Navnet.
My latest workaround is to turn on the Navnet with GPS off, then it alarms “no position”.
I then turn on the toggle for the GPS and power that up and hey presto it works every time.

I stumbled upon it accidentally. I forgot to turn on the GPS! The alarm rang. Turned on the GPS toggle…hey presto.

I can not explain this but it works…

I am not too keen on workarounds, the boat needs to function such that any 54 owner could step onboard and know exactly what to do…however a small sticker would do it…
S/Y Amelia
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