Not all were Antal. There is some Lewmar and Goiot in the mix. 

On your SM #467 the main traveller car is Lewmar and not made anymore. The number one failure is the sheaves inside the car and not seen in your photo. They are below the metal top where I drew white circles. It is much better to have new sheaves made by a machine shop from Delrin.


If you can't repair what you have, the track is Lewmar Size 3 Track. I think the best current option is this from Lewmar:

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On Tue, Jul 5, 2022, 18:28 Bryce Procter <balibryce@...> wrote:
Hi Bill, just saw your post on the Amel site re blocks etc. Funnily enough I have been trying to find a good source to replace most if not all on my boat. 
Be very interested to get hold of your order form once complete. Are they all standard Antal or were some modified by Amel? Pls see example attached.