Removal of the Climma AC unit from the saloon.

Eric Freedman

I wanted to put the same Ac unit that I had in my cabin into the saloon.
Here is a photo of the space for the Ac unit without the Climma unit
Please note the connector between the water hoses. This allows me to use the
two remaining units.
Unfortunately, the Dometic units both the 10,000 , and the 12,000 BTU units
are about 1 inch too high.
The Climma is mounted on a board with foam rubber underneath. The foam
rubber is glued to the board and the wood base underneath.
I just pulled very hard on the board and out it came. I took photos of the
board attached above. I removed the foam rubber and saved the mahogany for
future projects.
Fair Winds
Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376