Super Maramu’s to see near San Francisco Bay Area?

Russell & Christine Katz


I have been on the site for a few years and have interest in eventually purchasing an Amel for cruising in retirement.  My wife and I would like to see if there are any Amels that could be visited near San Francisco to get a better idea of how well certain models would work for us.  We almost got to see a Maramu in Washington state last summer, but couldn’t get schedules to line up.

Many Thanks for this great resource!

Russell Katz
San Jose, CA

Russell & Christine Katz

Private messages or you can reach me at katzhome@....

Russell & Christine Katz

I want to thank everyone that has replied privately!  We have been able to get a good look at a Maramu (and the wife likes it!) and are trying to coordinate dates to see a Super Maramu in the next month or two.  What a great community!