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Eric Freedman

My autopilot is factory stock and is a type 1.


Hello Eric,


Good to know that Kimberlite is now approaching the 100 thousand miles!

I don't know the exact specifications for these motors, but for sure, the linear drive one needs more power to move the rudder quadrant than the rotary one that moves the push/pull steering cables: two cables acting on two points of the quadrant plus the demultiplication of the chain gears (small on the motor and a bit bigger on the wheel shaft).

Moreover, AMEL supposed that the linear drive would be used much more than the rotary one (which was only an option), that's probably why they chose a heavy duty one.

Can you tell me what's your ratio linear/rotary on passages?


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I do not think that is true is all SMs. SM 387 had a Raymarine M81137 Type 2 Rotary Drive.



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I have just rebuild my rotary autopilot it is a 24 volt type 1 . The linear drive is a 24 volt type 2.

I just want to post the info as the specs for the type one drive is for a much lighter boat , but that is the way Amel did it.


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