Drop in replacement for Goiot 50cm hatch


Has anyone identified a drop in replacement Hatch for the Goiot 50cm Tradition hatch?
Sharki 127

Bill Kinney


Gebo in the Netherlands makes a 500 mm square hatch that might work.  I have no experience with them but the cutout seems to match. Standard-Deckhatches-with-flange.pdf

Otherwise, probably the Lewmar Series 60 flat base hatch needs a cutout that is 19.75 inches square, just 1.6mm bigger than the 500mm square hole used by the Goiot. The flanged version of the Lewmar Series 60 hatch needs a cutout 3/16" bigger again. Choosing between those two is a cosmetic decision that depends on your interior trim arrangement. Vetus makes a hatch identical in size to the Lewmar 60, but we have had poor luck with those, and can not recommend them.

It should be noted, that the Tradition line of hatches that were fitted to many Amels are still available from Goiot, but are no longer manufactured and are supplies are limited to stock on hand. As time passes, and the inventory of spare parts depletes, more of us will be replacing these hatches.

Bill Kinney
Sm160, Harmonie
Bridgetown, Barbados