Get together in Leros

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi Nick
Nice to hear from you, are you ready to get together?
Tomorrow and next week I’m also busy with jobs on the boat and our house too with crafters and admins. Why not today? Amelia anchoring in Lakki Bay? How have dinner together.

Best, Ulrich 

Am 10.09.2022 um 15:51 schrieb Nick Newington via <ngtnewington@...>:

Hi Ulrich, 
I am in Lakki for a few days. Amelia launched yesterday. Doing a few jobs then sailing to Kos Wednesday 14th as my wife is arriving.
Let’s get together.


On 11 Aug 2022, at 13:27, Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer <ulrich.dangelmeyer@...> wrote:

Hi Nick 
Sounds good, I’ll there from 3rd september.
So if you are in Lakki give me a mail or WhatsApp and we’ll meet. Great pleasure. I have lot of questions on your journey to TR. Your experience is very much appreciated 👏🌞

Am 11.08.2022 um 12:12 schrieb Nick Newington via <ngtnewington@...>:

Hi Ulrich,

I do not want to change the mizzen backstays as they were new in 2017. I just want to buy a s/s clamp to fix the SSB feed wire to the isolated backstay.

I will be arriving in Leros September 8 and launching September 9 from Moor and Dock in Partheni. Then I will head down to Lakki for a few days and on to Kos where my wife arrives Sept 15. We will stay in Dodecanese until we clear out of Greece for Turkey probably from Simi and into Bozburum.

Will you be in Leros on or around Sept 10?

Kind regards


Amelia AML 54-019

On 11 Aug 2022, at 10:58, Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer <ulrich.dangelmeyer@...> wrote:

Hi Nick,

in spring I made an overall check about my rigg and to be sure on "Soleil Bleu“, and we are with the „advanced“ A54 rigg.
I measured all my stays, and shrouds with a slide gauge and I remember the mizzen backstays are 8 mm.

Also all wires are in stronger diameter than the early 54´s, so we are lucky with the advanced dimensions from ACMO.
To be sure for you I would always take the bigger ones in doubt or to get in touch with ACMO.
Just my one cent.

Where in Leros you are? currently on the hard? Artemis or Evros Marina? We are in September back in Evros marina.
Would be nice to meet you..

Best and stay safe
„Soleil Bleu“ / A54#088

Am 11.08.2022 um 10:57 schrieb Nick Newington via <ngtnewington@...>:

Thanks very much. That is why I was not sure if it was 6 or 8mm because its between the two….


On 11 Aug 2022, at 09:55, Dominique Sery via <dominiquesery@...> wrote:


On my 54 (#16), it’s 7 mm for each backstay.